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Courier Management Software

Marthak Software Solutions one of the fastest growing IT company developed Courier Management Software located in Rajkot,Gujarat,India. This software has following functionality which we given in Courier Management Software Rajkot,Gujarat,India
Courier Management Software unique software for the organization who manages no. of couriers for distribution with their bulk document.

Courier management Software is the enterprise courier software solution that allow for the management of delivery process Courier Management System provides all the record keeping works to be done automatically with small knowledge of computers. 

1. Destination Module
Decides destination places where we are providing our services of couriers.
2. Customer Module
            Manage Customer information
            View Customer status at any time
            View customers pending and account details.
3. Inbound Entry Module
            Manage inbound parcels
            Date wise inbound parcel entry
            Inbound individual and Bulk entry and reporting system.
4. Pickup Entry Module    
            Manage Agent / Delivery boy details
            View Agent / Delivery boy reports
            Distribute parcels to different Delivery boys and agents
            Date wise reporting system
5. Invoice Generation and View
            Generate invoices for all customers
            Generate Invoices for Companies
            View Invoices and Print them
            Invoices of agents and delivery boys
6. Payment Module
            Pay to agents or delivery boy as per their deliveries of parcels
            Receive payments from Customers / Companies
            Keep records of all kind of payments
            Generate Monthly / Yearly payments and Date wise payment reports.
7. Reporting 
           Destination report of Daily, Weekly & Monthly
Customer report of Daily, Weekly & Monthly
Payment report of Daily, Weekly & Monthly
Invoice report of Daily, Weekly & Monthly
Pickup Entry report of Daily, Weekly & Monthly
            Inbound Entry report of Daily, Weekly & Monthly

Product Features
  • Processing of International and Domestic Couriers
  • Facility to add different type of service offered to customers
  • Manifest processing and printing
  • Facility to setup Tariff rates of different forwarding agents
  • Setup of Customer details
  • Assigning rates to individual customers
  • Generating Customer Invoice
  • Processing Inbound and Outbound parcels
  • Facility to scan the Inbound and Outbound Parcels
  • Printing of the bills invoice
  • Accessibility of items using both Keyboard and mouse
  • The utmost features Packet Entry
  • Updating the delivery status for the packets
  • Comprehensive Search facility
  • Setup of Zone
  • Setup of Location
  • Setup of Country & Currency
  • Setup of Customers
  • help facility
  • Import/Export of Data to/from excel and text files
  • Forwarding-agents Invoice Generation and Reconciliation
  • Data entry with minimum keystrokes
  • Uncomplicated and menu driven screens
  • Standard pattern of operation for all screens
  • Generate various MIS reports(Management Information System)
  • Reporting
Security Implementation
  • User profile setup (creating master details of each user)
  • User group permission setup (assigning privileges)
  • User group management (modifying the existing privileges)
  • User password maintenance (modifying and resetting passwords)
Context Diagram:

User Type:
1.      Manage  Company
2.      Manage Agent
3.      Manage Bulk Entry
4.      Manage Packet Entry
5.      Inwards bill
6.      Outwards bill
7.      Marten history
8.      Reporting
  1. Daily Agent Entry
  2. Courier  Entry
  3. Packet Entry
  4. Marten history
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